Back to school…what am I supposed to do with this 4 hour break though….

Maybe I’ll read.

Last night

Last night

How I feel about these damn finals…lol

How I feel about these damn finals…lol

Greetings, from DC! :D

Hey Hey! 

There are about a million things I should be doing right now (like reading for class tomorrow) but I wanted to post something personal since it’s been a while! :)

So I’ve been here in DC for almost 3 months! Wooo this time has flown! School is awesome, crazy, overwhelming, and sooo many more things and I am so grateful for it all. Anytime I start to feel some type of way about everything, I just remember that God put this on my heart to do and that I have to obey him and follow through with the plan that He has for my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

DC is cool so far. It’s not just overwhelmingly great like everyone told me it would be. It’s probably due to the fact that I’m always at school or always somewhere studying and rarely have time to enjoy my surroundings. I can say…the food here does not even come close to what I’m used to :( I’m so fat lol smh. 

One thing I can say is that it is GORGEOUS here. Autumn is BEAUTIFUL. It’s been a good 70 degrees the last couple of days, the trees are changing colors, there’s an actual breeze, and I can put my convertible top down! :D Omg and there are deer everywhere, especially around the school. They’re so cute and I wanna take one home lol

Of course I have to have some sort of hair/beauty thing to say though lol….A lot of people here are natural which I have NO problem with (why would I?) but lawd, when I say that people will look at you crazy if you say anything about a relaxer…! lol People assume that my hair is natural when I rarely ever do any textured hairstyle and when my hair is usually straight or in a bun…why do they assume that then?!….Because my hair is healthy lolWhat is the deal with so many people thinking that you can’t have healthy relaxed hair? This baffles me and I still haven’t gotten an answer. I take very good care of my RELAXED hair. I actually gave myself a relaxer BY MYSELF for the very first time last night and my hair is just fineee! People were actually trying to convince me not to do it! lol I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again…what I do with my hair has NOTHING to do with ANYONE ELSE. Sheesh! lol Like I would say maybe 75% of the women at my school are natural, no joke. 75% of the women in DC period are natural probably lol…All I can say is “To each his own” and if you know what you’re doing with your hair whether natural or relaxed, then do what you do and don’t worry about what anyone else has to say because I don’t. I’d probably be half bald headed, with highlights, and layers, and a whole bunch of other mess if I did lol.

My hair has grown a pretty good amount since I’ve been here, but I still have to get a trim =/ I’m going to have to find someone here to do it because I don’t want to wait until Christmas when I get back to the H. I hope they don’t chop my hair off and then have to call the Po Pos on me. We shall see. 

Finals are around the corner, but I usually just sleep when I have free time, but I’ll try to update this more until final time…dun dun dun… 

Hope all is well with everyone! God Bless!

Quick but LOUD video of someone trimming their ends. I have layers in the front of my hair, so I’ll def have to watch for that. Looks pretty easy and it all turned out even. I just don’t know how I’m going to bring myself to putting scissors on my own head! The horror!

A video on how to relax your own hair. This video was pretty good, short, and straight to the point. The only thing I’m not sure about it relaxing the top part of the hair first. That’s where my scalp is most sensitive so I’ll most likely relax going from the back/bottom to the top/front. My mom told me to practice with conditioner to get my speed up which I’ll most likely be doing next week.

Hair Care Away from home :(

Since I’m moving to DC, I’m going to have to learn how to do my own hair COMPLETELY. My mom is a hairstylist so she relaxes, colors, and trims my hair but the every day/week/month maintenance, I’ve always done myself. Well now that I’m leaving, I’m gonna have to learn how to relax, color, and trim my hair myself.I REFUSE to pay those ridiculous prices in DC to do something that I feel I can most likely do myself. A lot of time, hairstylists will do what THEY wanna do to your hair instead of what you want them to do…especially when scissors are involved. SMH. I have to get on my mom about only trimming and not cutting my hair every time! lol

I’m going to post videos from YouTube that I find that are helpful in case anyone else needs help with this too.

WAH! Hair problems

So after looking over past pictures, I’ve noticed that I’ve had little to no progress of growth in my hair in the last months. I’ve thought about some of the things that I’ve changed in my regimen that might have caused this and the main that I changed was that I started stretching out my relaxers and because of that I wasn’t getting my ends trimmed as often. The last time I got a relaxer, it has been about 17 weeks and the time before that was 12 weeks. I was used to going every 8-10 weeks and every time I would go, I would get a trim.

I think the main thing that hurts me is that my hair (like most people) doesn’t grow evenly. Even though, I have little to no split ends, my hair was still uneven all over so when my mom trimmed my ends to even them out after not having a relaxer in over 4 months, after relaxing my newgrowth and trimming my uneven ends, my hair evened out! SMH. That was at least two inches of growth gone and lost.

I’m really upset about it since I thought that by stretching my relaxers out, I was doing something good for my hair, I’ve learned that it does not work for me. From now on, I think I’ll get relaxers every 9-10 weeks. 10 weeks being the absolute MAXIMUM and getting my ends trimmed every time I get a relaxer.

I’ve seen the whole “stretching your relaxer” thing work out for some people, but the way my wild hair grows…like some crazy weeds…it just won’t work. I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error on my hair and skin and I’ve come to the conclusion that I had the magic formula for both a looong time ago and should just stick to it. I just like to try new things, but I’ll leave “new things” for food, music, fashion and extracurricular activities and leave my hair and my skin alone! Lol

Added a "Hair Talk" link to my page! :D Clearly I'm bored

I mentioned it once before, but I want to start posting things about makeup…tips I’ve learned to make my makeup look very natural, easy ways of applying it, DO’s and DON’T’s and so on.

My skin isn’t flawless and when I see all my friends with their perfect skin, I must say I am a little envious of them especially since it seems as if they do nothing to maintain it or anything. I’ve had problems with mild acne and my skin scars very easily whenever I get the smallest little zit/bump.

I tried Proactiv and this shit DID NOT work for me. Ugh. I was so excited watching all those commercials and so I bought some thinking it could help me and it didn’t do anything but make things worse. I got on BC to try to control my hormones in hopes of stopping at least some of my breakouts around that “time of the month” and I also saw a dermatologist and she prescribed me Epiduo. It freaked me out at first because I was breaking out worse than ever, but they explained to me that it was getting out everything that was trapped in my skin and after a few weeks it got better. My skin is super sensitive and it’s doing a lot better than before but I still have scars from before and from whenever I do get an occasional bump here and there, so in the meantime, I conceal the marks.

I get a lot of compliments on my skin and my makeup in general and  would love to share some products I love and techniques that have made all the difference. Tomorrow should be a slow day at work (lol) so I will most likely start then. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! :D